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Spiros asked 3 years ago
What is the best way to use electives when you apply for a profile? I planned to use them mostly to extend my research profile. But you can’t do that for a profile and following elective courses during a profile is also difficult I believe ?

1 Answers
Shirrinka Goubitz answered 3 years ago

For the profiles Communication, Education, Management, and the two new profiles Translational Life sciences and Life sciences and society the profile runs 6 months full time, which usually does not leave room to take electives at the same period. (Only maybe one very short course). In this case it may be better to first take all electives and that start the profile in January/February.

The Profiles Bioinformatics, Complex Systems, Applied data sciences are more flexibel in the sceduling and offer opportunities to take electives paralel.

In all cases please contact the profile coordinator to make sure what the options are.

The new alternative Research profile 2.0 will have limited options to take electives paralel, the extent of this depends on whether you start in September of January.