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Peter asked 3 years ago

I was initially planning to graduate in May 2021 (which is less then 2 years for my masters degree), since I will be able to have student loans until ~March. However due to the coronavirus it looks like I will only graduate ~July. For 2 months without student loan I can still work more now and save some money, however 4 months will be too much. All the different kinds of help described on the UU site and the DUO site does not help in my situation, since technically I don’t have study delay.

Is there a way I can extend my student loans so I don’t have to work full time next to my studies near graduation?

ps. I’m a Dutch student.



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Kirsten Koymans answered 3 years ago

We understand the difficulty of your situation, good that you are reaching out. We would advise you to contact the academic counsellors. Together with you they can look at your personal situation and see what kind of options there would be for you. You can find their contact information here on the Studyguide.