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Ivana asked 3 years ago
Hi all,

By paying the fees of the Master’s, we agree on a contract basis to receive something from the school/university that we have expected to receive. So it seems a bit strange that now we already need to start enrolling for next year and paying the fees, without having yet gotten reassurance that the profiles will be of good enough quality and will be as promising in terms of us finding a job, as what a minor internship would be. What is the policy of the school regarding tuition fees -could they be frozen temporarily or diminished, or further agreed upon on a student-by-student basis for students who are struggling financially now but are not receiving what they expected to receive at the time of enrolling in the Masters?

Thank you for your time!

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Pauline Krijgsheld answered 3 years ago

Tuition fees are taken care of by the Central Student Administration (CSA)

You can find more information here:

and more information about the re-enrolment on the website below. You can cancel your enrolment before the 1st of the month.

The GSLS is working hard to come up with solutions and alternatives for the continuation of your studies, while taking into account the current but also predicted future limitations imposed by the coronavirus situation. We are of opinion that we will be able to offer you a good programme also next year when the covid-19 measurements are still in place. We will try to offer you a good alternative for the current research profile (minor projects).