Webinar Q: Why 2 year Master’s under these circumstances?

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Spiros Pachis asked 3 years ago
Again, you say we should be happy we get the good quality education and we can compete with other students from Europe who are only doing one internship. But then why do we pay tuition fees for two years, and not one? I think you should try to confront this question because there are a lot of students who are international, have to work here, lost their jobs and now need to keep on payhing tuition fees without receiving anything certain. Thank you very much.

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Harold van Rijen Staff answered 3 years ago

We offer 2-year Master’s Programmes with learning outcomes that enable you to take up a research position worldwide. To reach these learning outcomes you minimally need to do your mandatory courses, the major internship, a writing assignment a profile and elective courses. Most of our students do the research profile (minor internship), while others do another profile. To us, all these profiles are plan A: They will guide you in a personalised way to a valuable degree that fit’s your needs and development. You are not able to reach the learning outcomes in 1 year.

We do understand your difficult and vulnerable position and will offer a new research profile with an internship at the lab with a length that will be mainly determined by the corona limitations. Please contact your programme coordinator for further programme specific information or the academic counselor is you run into financial or organisational trouble.