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Ruben de Vries asked 3 years ago

As the GSLS clearly indicates with the new policy, the current reduced capacity of the labs is a major limiting factor for finding a minor internship. This will also be the case for other universities and companies, in- and outside the Netherlands. As we do not know when things will go back to running at full capacity, it is possible that it might take a very long time before (current) students find a proper minor internship in a research lab. Therefore it is possible that students will pay an entire year of tuition money for the very likely possibility that they will not be able to find a minor internship that suits their interests (or intended career path; read ‘Academics/Research’) and thus will not be able to graduate. As the GSLS cannot confirm whether there will be a financial dispensation for delay of graduation due to these circumstances, I was wondering if it is possible to deregister from my Masters (for a year, for example) without losing my progress/grades that I have completed. Is this a possible alternative, especially for students that only have their minor research project left before graduating their masters ?

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Shirrinka Goubitz answered 3 years ago

It is possible to stop your registration temporarily, however registering at a random month after September 1st is not possible usually. If you consider this option please always first consult your academic counselor, to get a full idea of all the consequences (also financially).
Credits and grades remain valid (unless you take more than 5 years to come back, in which case additional testing may be required).
I advice to first check out the alternatives very well, as more information will be provided the coming weeks. We believe the alternatives can be a good option as well and we cannot know how Corona will affect us in the year(s) to come.