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Laura Huiskamp asked 3 years ago
If there is a shortage of internship positions for current students, why are 500 new students allowed to join the GSLS this september? Why was it not decided to allow less new students to join, so the current students can follow a minor internship?

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Shirrinka Goubitz answered 3 years ago

We sincerely regret that minors on Campus cannot be allowed for now, due to the Corona restrictions on lab space and traffic to the Utrecht Science Parc. We understand your question, but there were several reasons and circumstances why we have not considered this an option:

-The deadline for admission for most programmes was April 1st, which was shortly after the lockdown and the consequences of the lockdown were very unpredictable at that moment

-Legally we cannot stop admissions or reduce the fixed quota on our programmes, even in case of a pandemic

-The ministry of OCW asked all Higher education institutes for lenience towards new students. In this regard the GSLS has already followed a relatively strict procedure (in comparison to other Schools both at UU as well as nationally) by maintaining the clear cut between Bachelor’s and Master’s degree (“harde knip”). This means we do not allow students who did not yet fulfill the requirements of the Bachelor’s yet, whereas other schools of programmes at the UU or nationally do allow students with an incompleted Bachelor’s in their programme.

-The consequences of the COVID restrictions will endure for a long time, so we have to adapt to the ‘new normal’ and help all students, current and future to progress towards a rich Master’s degree in a new way. We have therefore started a large innovation program to reduce the current large dependency on lab research positions. We will need a more corona-proof curriculum while still shaping you into the scientists of tomorrow