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Susanna Plugge asked 3 years ago
In what way were students represented in the policymaking during the corona crisis? For example, were the LSR and/or the OC-LS involved in this process?
Laura Huiskamp
replied 3 years ago

The LSR is forming a student panel to allow as much student feedback and input as possible. Anyone who is interested in providing student feedback or input can contact the LSR ( or me personally (

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Shirrinka Goubitz answered 3 years ago

The core group of the project consists of several people, among whom also a student of the LSR (also students member of our Board of Studies) as well as the chair of the Educational commitee (OC-LS). The decision was made by the Degree directors and the Deans (with support of the Board of Studies). The OC-LS always has the right to advise on matters of the curriculum.

We also decided to make a focus group of more students who are willing to think along for the remainder of the project. Students who are interested can contact the LSR.

NB: Decisions regarding opening of labs, permitting students to enter buildings, travelling to and from the Science park or abroad are not made by the GSLS, but by the UU/UMC central boards and/or faculty boards.