Webinar Q: Overview of options to avoid study delay.

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Spiros Pachis asked 3 years ago
We were told that there would be profiles instead of minor research projects…. but they are not starting till january 2021 when we were supposed to graduate before summer…. there are no courses or anything we can do over summer as far as i know. On top of that nobody can give us any certainty that we will get financial compensation. Perhaps you can send out a general email with an overview of the options or something? because I am completely lost and stuck, and I know many of my classmates in csnd are too.

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Kirsten Koymans answered 3 years ago

We can imagine the stress the current situation causes for you and likely many other students. We would like to suggest that you contact your program coordinator as soon as possible to together look at the options and come up with new options that fit your situation. Your program coordinator is better suited at this point to discuss your specific situation and hopefully relieve some of your understandable worries. We are in close contact with all the program coordinators and keep them updated about all new developments.