Already Enrolled in another Profile, how can I still do an internship??

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Ewan van der Vlist asked 3 years ago
Almost right after the beginning of my masters I decided to enroll myself in the bioinformatics profile, because the minor (second) internship was also allowed to be partial bioinformatics and partial labwork (50/50). That was the one reason I actually decided to join this profile, because they did not demand a full bioinformatics internship.

Now, the GSLS proposed a research profile from January onwards that would still allow us to get some skills that are vaguely attached to labwork. Sadly, I have no option to potentially do this research profile, because I am already enrolled in a profile that does not allow us to end the profile before finishing it. So, I am stuck between two hard places, where I now possibly need to do a full 100% bioinformatics internship for 6 months and I miss the labskills I would have acquired when I could have done te 50/50 internship. So, the GSLS cancels the minor internships for us that involve labwork, which was the whole reason I enrolled this profile and now I am not able to join the research profile and at least still get some labskills that I would have got if the GSLS did not cancel the labwork minor internships.

Essentially, you stuck me with a type of internship (100% informatics) that was the one reason I doubted doing that profile and you take away the possibility for me to learn some labskills.

How will you help me with this???

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Spiros Pachis answered 3 years ago

Indeed, it sounds like you are in a tough position. The Corona situation has forced us all to adapt our plans in order to go forward.
The GSLS is in close contact with all Programme coordinators and we are keeping them in the loop about the development of the new profiles, when they will be available and what the possible alternatives are for the continuation of your studies in the coming period.
For instances like this that have to do with formulating an individual study plan that fits you as best as possible, we advise that you contact your programme coordinator and they are in a better position to advise you about the best alternatives for you.

You can also contact the profile coordinator and see if there are options to keep the credits from potential courses you did in the Bioinformatics profile already and supplement the rest with thiings offered in the Research profile which is being developed and which you will receive more information about in the near future or with a Mini-project if the restrictions at that given moment allow it.

In general, just as students are forced to adapt to the situation, we are also trying to be as flexible as possible and will consider all applications for changes to your individual study programme.