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Iris Gooijers asked 3 years ago
If you start the new research profile in January, how many weeks of courses do you need to take? Furthermore, it was briefly mentioned during the webinar that if a lab has space for you to perform some practical work while doing this new research profile, you are allowed to perform some practical work. However, I was wondering if in that case you still need to take all the courses?

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Spiros Pachis answered 3 years ago

The exact distribution of credits between the lab-related part and the courses that you will need to take is yet to be decided. In general, in other profiles that have both an intenrhsip and courses, the distribution is about half and half.

We are currently working hard on creating a framework for these things and we will communicate them to all students as soon as possible.

We are also working on a way to closely monitor the lab capacity for projects, taking into account the guidelines and restrictions that are in place at any given moment. The research profile will be flexible enough that if students are able to spend more time in the lab because the corona situation allows it, then they will have to spend less credits on courses and workshops. However, we are very reserved in our hopes for such a scenario, but the flexibility will be there.