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Marlinde asked 3 years ago
Hi! After a bachelors program which included a lot of theory and following the courses that I found interesting, I wanted to fill in my masters program with as much internships / practical things as possible. So, I am working hard on finding a spot for an internship at a company (with an R&D facility in NL). However, I think I might as well give up on also finding a nice interactive and practical way of doing my electives (since it is almost impossible to find a spot for 6 months… 2 months will be really a challenge) … I was wondering if it could be possible to do a part of the research profile within the electives? For me, this will be really nice (of course, if I also find an internship in a company – otherwise I will have to think of another way to fill my year). And if not, do you have any tips for the electives part – apart from doing courses?

Thanks a lot in advance, also for the hard work that you are putting in (I can imagine that we -students- don’t seem to show it, but we know that you are working hard – we are just frustrated by the possibilities that are taking away due to this virus). And thank you for having this Q&A form!

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Tania Morán Luengo answered 3 years ago

It is great if you can find a spot at a company for your Minor Research Project and you can also extend the Minor Research Project with your electives. It will also be possible to extend the new Research Profile with your electives and finding an external mini-project is also a possibility. For any other idea to spend your electives in a creative way, ask your Programme/Track Coordinator for advise and request approval of the Board of Examiners.
We would also like to thank you for your kind words.