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Susanna Plugge asked 3 years ago
We briefly touched upon the options for second year students during the webinar, however after talking to my fellow studetns it was still not quite clear what our options are. For most of us the minor internship is the last part of our degree. Some of us had just started one, while others were planning on finding a lab to start soon. As far as we know these are the options we have if we already found a lab:

  • Take one of the proposed alternatives like writing a research proposal, however this would only be sufficient for a couple of weeks.
  • Come up with your own plan together with your supervisors and send this to the BoE for approval. However, we don’t know what kind of plans will be accepted by the BoE.
  • Start to go back to the lab if you are allowed by your supervisor. However, many of us started an internship abroad and were forced to go back and cannot return any time soon. So this option would only apply for students who started their minor internship in the Netherlands and are allowed to return (parttime) to the lab.

If you did not yet start you minor internship or did not yet find a lab to do one, your options are even more limited:

  • Start a profile, however in that case you need to wait until September/January which will result in major study delays.
  • Find a lab to do one of the options above. However, it is really difficult to find a lab these days. Many PI’s struggle with the current situation and we feel that hiring new students, even if they will not occupy any lab space, is not a priority of PI’s. Indeed, many student were rejected when we trying to find a lab.

We would now like to ask whether these are indeed the options we have or that we are missing some. Furthermore, we feel like these options are not sufficient to finish a minor research project since we cannot find a lab, need to wait for profiles or can only do remote lab work for a limited amount of time.

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Tania Morán Luengo answered 3 years ago

We understand that the COVID-19 situation is causing frustrations and altering your initial plans. As you have accurately described above, students that are already involved in a research project have theoretical alternatives, possibility to pause the project to take courses or start the Writing Assignment and recently, the lab capacity is beginning to allow the return to the lab – depending of the policy of your institute. With this options and everything that has been described in our communications, we hope that you can minimize the delay and get the most out your projects.

In the case of students that need to start a profile soon, indeed most of the profiles (the once that exist and those being developed) start in September/January. If there is more urgency and students did not arrange this in advance, they can still find a research profile in the shape of a Minor Research Project as long as it is external or does not occupy Research Campus Facilities. Additionally, a pilot version of the new Research Project is being developed that will be available soon. More information about this will follow.