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Spiros Pachis asked 3 years ago
If you already started your minor research project (abroad), and you cannot continue in the lab, and have 4 months left. Can you still do such a profile to finish your Master Programme? – Without waiting till January?

1 Answers
Nivard Koning answered 3 years ago

The research profile will launch in 2 phases, research profile 1.0 starts in September and research profile 2.0 starts in January.

It is possible to participate in research profile 1.0 under certain conditions. This example in the question is one of them; to finish up an already running minor research project which can’t continue normally. Another example is if the minor research project would be the last requirement to complete the Masters programme (all courses and electives are already completed).

Please contact your programme coordinator to discuss your participation in the research profile 1.0.