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Susanna Plugge asked 3 years ago
I understand that a long-term solution needs to be found in order to give each student (also new students) the chance to obtain a high-quality master’s degree. Therefore, the GSLS decided not to offer any minor internships in 2020-2021 at UMC or UU labs. This way, new students get the chance to obtain practical skills that we (second year students) already obtained during our first internships. However, the minor internship is often the last part that is done before graduation leaving second year students no other options than doing their minor internship theoretical or fight for the few external spots that are available. New students instead can start with many theoretical parts of their masters before starting their internship. When you combine the mandatory theoretical courses (15 EC), the writing assignment (7.5 EC), the electives (12 EC) and the Life Sciences Academy (1.5 EC) you can fill up to 36 EC (which equals around 6 months) of theoretical components for new students. This way current GSLS students can start and finish their minor internships without occupying any spots for new students. I was wondering if the GSLS considered this option. If not, would this be an alternative for the current policy?

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Shirrinka Goubitz answered 3 years ago

Thanks for thinking along with us. We did consider this option, and we are actually still working on this.

At this moment however we think we might already need the place this opens up for current students with a large delay in their major. With labs offering little time to be present, tsome students may have to proceed for a while and including semester 1 next year. The survey we will sent next week will give us more insight in this.

Another issue is that a new Covid-9 wave is expected in fall, which may result in another hold on running projects. In the scenario you describe this will mean another delay for the current students, a bigger back log and no places in semester 2 for the major of new students.

We will discuss this further with the student focus group of the LSR.