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Susanna asked 3 years ago
If you decide to go abroad at your own risk, will you still recieve ECTS for this? For example because the lab abroad allows you to come but there is still a ‘code orange’ for this country.

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Tania Morán Luengo answered 3 years ago

Following the general UU policy, the International Office will only approve a ‘Stay Abroad’ request for countries with, at least, yellow travel advice.
If you decide to travel to a country with code Orange, please discuss with your Programme Coordinator the consequences that this might have regarding your insurances and rights. When completing your research project, you will still get the ECTS for it. However, we do not know how the COVID-19 situation will evolve in the Netherlands and worldwide so we encourage you to take this advice seriously, fill in your ‘Osiris Stay Abroad’ and discuss with your examiner and Programme Coordinator before making a final decision.