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Ruben de Vries asked 3 years ago
I understand that the current policy of the GSLS aims to give all students, old and new, the chance to finish their studies in such a way that their degrees will be valuable in the future. I believe that the 2 internships (in the lab) offered in the programme are very valuable and almost unique in the Netherlands, and this is the main reason why I decided to enroll into the GSLS (Drug Innovation). Even though all the theoretical alternatives now offered are valuable in their own way, this does not lead (in my opinion) to the same research experience needed for obtaining a highly competitive PhD or other research position.

The current policy of the GSLS forcing their current students to look for minor internship spots externally disproportionally hits all current students over newly admitted students, and clearly shows who the GSLS values more. All newly admitted students still have the mandatory theoretical components (~6 months) of their respective masters to complete before they start their (major) internships. For most current students on the other hand, the minor internship is the last thing that has to be completed in order to graduate. Moreover, believing that finding an external minor internship is a viable option during the current crisis, is very naive in my opinion. This suggests that the GSLS believes that external institutes, both in the Netherlands as well as the limited amount of foreign countries with positive traveling advice, would admit external students over their own students and are not dealing with the same capacity problems as the UU. However, institutes will likely always take care of their own students first and it is not clear to me why this is not the case for the GSLS.

Why has the GSLS decided to reserve all the limited research capacity to their new students and not to their current students? Why not allow the current students to start their minor projects and complete their degrees, while all newly admitted students work on the theoretical part of their curriculum first?

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Shirrinka Goubitz answered 3 years ago

This option has been mentioned before. We can imagine this is an idea more students may have as an alternative scenario.

The reasons we did not choose this options are mainly related to the fact that we cannot guarentee lab space later in the coming academic year. New lockdown scenario’s are being expected.

We want to keep the first semester open mainly for projects that are currently delayed. Also we want to provide Corona proof options, especially for second year students in the last phase of their studies and who already encountered study delay.

In addition, the external projects are not meant to be an alternative for all, but an option for some that we do not want to put on hold. We will offer alternatives for all students at UU/UMC. The adapted research profile will offer (as much as possible under the circumstances) research related skills. Whichever profile you choose, be assured you will get a full MSc degree.

More information will follow at the webinar of June12th (also via Study guide after June 12th)