Q: Can I pause my studies for half a year?

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Shirrinka Goubitz asked 3 years ago
When a minor internship in a different facility is impossible to find, I would like to take half a year off to still do a UU internship in the year after. Will this be possible? (of course if the corona situation allows it)

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Shirrinka Goubitz answered 3 years ago

It is usually not allowed to reregister for your programme after September 1st of an academic year. Only in exceptional cases. This is subject to UU regulations and we currently are in contact with those responsible. However due to the circumstances we are currently working on a protocol, which can allow this, but still only under strict criteria. We expect the protocol to be ready around half of July.

In any case you will have to consult your academic counsellor.

Please also note that there are financial implications if you have study financing (subject to DUO regulations) or if you have a Scholarschip.