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Spiros Pachis asked 3 years ago
Will it be possible to get ECTS for only 5 months of minor internship that you started abroad? And then obtain the remaining ECTS by using one of the other options within the master, like courses

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Kirsten Boersma answered 3 years ago

First of all, try to finish your minor research project with one or more of the [theoretical components](<a href="" rel="nofollow"> as described in the [email](<a href="" rel="nofollow"> sent by the GSLS on April 1st 2020. Discuss this with your examiner (approval of the Board of Examiners is not necessary for these theoretical alternatives).

For changes in the number of credits or an alternative plan, you should first consult your examiner and programme coordinator, and subsequently submit a request to the Board of Examiners for approval.