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Spiros Pachis asked 3 years ago
If I’m not mistaken, first year students will all have a spot in e.g. January. If there are spots left in (uu) labs then, will it be possible to then take up a spot for half a year (= before new first year students arrive?) We only want to be in the lab for half a year – and if there is a spot…?

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Nivard Koning answered 3 years ago

As a general rule, as communicated, minor research projects at UU/UMC will not be allowed. It is possible to apply for a minor research project with a request for exception to this rule. The Board of Examiners will look at the request and either approve it or not.
Most importantly, within the application form the proposed Examiner for your project will have to indicate if the project could interfere with lab-time or lab-capacity for students in current or future major research projects.
According to current predictions for lab-capacity most of the places available will be needed for current students who need to finish their projects, paused due to the Covid-19 measures or for the starting first-year students, so please be aware that most likely this will really be an exception if this is possible and will be depending largely on the specific situation of the individual research groups.