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Spiros Pachis asked 3 years ago
Why can’t I do a minor research internship at the lab I’m already working for my major, which is at the UMC but it works way smoother because now we’re used to the partly ‘work from home analysis’?

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Tania Morán Luengo answered 3 years ago

Doing a Major and a Minor Research Profile in the same lab is allowed, as long as:
1) The Writing Assignment takes place in a different research group
2) The topics are different
3) There is a minimum overlap in the references of the final report
Nevertheless, keep in mind that Minor Research Projects that use campus facilities will not be approved but the profiles are available. Check the latest communication in the StudyGuide for more information.
In general, doing a research project at a different lab teaches you many other things that you do not learn by being in the same place (another working culture, different techniques, etc.) and it helps expanding your network so it is a positive thing and we encourage students to do it.