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Ruben asked 3 years ago

I was wondering if there will be any help/solutions/recognition for the difficulties with studying from home. I have the feeling that many students are struggeling with this (to varying degrees per student of course). Especially because students tend to have a relatively small living surface. It is very hard to keep work and leisure time devided in a 10 m^2 room. I think that mentoring in working from home, providing studyspots or some solution of the sorts will become more and more important as the curiculum shifts to a more online/from home style.

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Shirrinka Goubitz answered 3 years ago

Very important issue. We hope more will be possible now buildings can reopen (with 1,5 m distance rule). The safety region Utrecht has (for now) set a maximum of 20% of regular traffic to the Science Parc, which does complicate opening study spots, as priority is given to education that needs to be on campus, such as research projects and practical courses. More information as well as tips and links to coaches can be found here

All good ideas how we can help to improve, can be put in the comment option on this site.

In addition to Shirrinka, there are some classes offered to support you and other students in working from home. You can think of joining an online study group, to study from home together with other students and share goals and intentions to compensate for the missing peer support. More information can be found here:

Furthermore, the university offers workshops about working consciously and effectively from home. This online training helps you to better deal with the current working-from-home-situation. This can help to prevent stress and increase your productivity. You can find more information here:

Lastly, if you need individual support regarding this matter, please reach out to your study counsellor.